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118th Anniversary International Exhibition of Works on Paper

166 photo(s) Updated on: August 14, 2018
  • Michael Adams, By The Scrapyard
  • John Anderson, Spool Spill
  • David Antell, Tulpehocken St
  • Herbert Appelson, Arab
  • Carol Ashton-Hergenhan, New Zealand Purple
  • Robin Avery, Calico Cat
  • W.B. Scheirer, Woodland Daisies
  • Judy Ballance, Peyton In The Pool
  • Deena Ball, Safe Harbor
  • Angela Barbalace, South Street
  • Nancy Barch, Lavender Fields
  • Joanna Barnum, Aurelia
  • Karen Benco, Check Mark
  • Paulette Bensignor, Morris Arboretum Tree
  • Matthew Bird, Angel Of Music
  • Denny Bond, Just Beat It
  • Myhanh Bosse, Special
  • Reena Brooks, Dahlias
  • Thomas Bucci, Piazza Degli Strozzi
  • Lisa Budd, 17th Street Sunset
  • Michael Buszko, Patience
  • Diane Cannon, Springtime
  • Indira Cariappa, Bali Koi 1
  • Dee Casner, Beneath The Cliff
  • Debabrata Chaudhuri, The Fish Shop
  • Connie Clutter, Beautiful Soul
  • Martha Colgan, Street In Lourdes
  • Cheryl Coniglio, Ambling
  • Wendy Cotton, City Of Light
  • Linda Cowles, Whats With The Crows
  • Sally Davies, An Eye For Detail - Philadelphia Museum Of Art Restoration Team
  • Doris Davis-Glackin, The Harbor Master
  • Cheryl Decker-Sauder, On Mackinac Island
  • Roger DeMuth, Gold Street Portland Maine
  • Rebecca Denneny, December In Westtown
  • Teresa DeSeve, Vigil
  • Gwynn DiPilla, San Francisco Style
  • Jeanne Dobie, Abstract Reflections
  • Brenda Dolhanczyk, Sway To The Rhythm
  • Kathleen Durdin, Alafia Trail Boss
  • Jay Eisenberg, Made In The Shade
  • Cheryl Elmo, Crowded
  • Tracey Femiano, The Escape
  • Martha Fenoglio, Hillside View
  • Robbie Fitzpatrick, Untroubled Waters
  • Ryan Fox, Heidelberg Sunset - Germany
  • Karen Frattali, Fraises
  • George Gallatig, Platte River Morning
  • Antoaneta Georgieva, Short Break
  • Kathleen Giles, Dreams In Red And Green
  • Arlene Ginsburg, Manhattan Blues
  • Diane Greenberg, First Dance
  • Betz Green, Still Life With Bluebird And Cardinal
  • Catherine Grygiel, First Light
  • Jeanne Gunther, Tucked In
  • Beverly Hammerman, Autumns Grace
  • Barbara Handler, Me Mesa
  • Nicholas Harvilla, Untitled
  • Chang Choon Heong, Hometown
  • Patricia Herlihy, Admiring Chihuly
  • Philip Hermann, Night Marsh
  • Albina Herron, Tenderness
  • Joyce Hicks, No Passing Zone
  • Richard Hoffman, Wissahickon Memorial Bridge
  • Carol Hubbard, Loretta
  • Judith Hummer, Orange You There Yet
  • Laura Hwang, Dilemma V
  • Nishita Jain, Together Forever
  • Jane James, Potted
  • John James, Black Lake
  • Cole P. Jean, It Rained In Pennsylvania
  • Jean K. Gill, Palmistree
  • Leo Kahl, View From A Windmill
  • Barbara Kaiser, A Walk At Dusk
  • Mark Kaufman, Woman In Window 2
  • Kerk Hwang Lok, Wheels No 13
  • Rick Kowalewski, Lily Moving Into Malasana
  • Woon Lam Ng, Slow Down
  • Alice Laputka, Read To Bloom
  • Carolyn Latanision, Riveting Bethlehem Steel
  • Alexis Lavine, Whiskered
  • Donald Leong, Francoonia Gorge
  • Blanche Levitt Torphy, Bombay Hook 3
  • Katherin Lofaro Firpo, Solitude
  • Larry Lombardo, Hopefully Helping Haiti
  • Doree Loschiavo, After Hours
  • Stacy Lundlevy, Riding To The Park
  • Deborah Maklowski, Firebird
  • Barbara March, Still Life
  • Anni Matsick, TWO
  • Joyce McAfee, Day Dreaming
  • Mick McAndrews, Nobska Light
  • Wendy Mcclatchy, The Students Table
  • Sandra McKeehan, Lunch
  • Charlotte Mehosky, Sweet Dreams
  • Lynn Millar, Working Class
  • Dean Mitchell, Screaming Blue
  • Elise Morenon, Three Faces Of Elizabeth
  • Terri Morse, Bay Watch
  • Yvonne Mucci, Whats In The Cupboard
  • Eileen Mueller Neill, New Family
  • Susan Murphy, D.C. Cherry Blossom Demo
  • Roe Murray, Cape May Point
  • Marie Natale, Hazy Skies Over AC Boardwalk
  • Kimberlee Nentwig, Be Dazzled
  • Elizabeth Oberman, Central Park Duet
  • Jo-Ann Osnoe, Flatiron District
  • Charley Parker, Creek At The Willows
  • Maria Payer, Tetea Tete
  • Catherine Peluso, Down by the Water
  • Elise Phillips, Curious
  • Lynda Pitman, Rose Of Sharon
  • Rebecca Postell, It Is All About The Bass
  • Richard P Ressel, Alpha And Omega
  • Pamela Price, Capturing The Moment
  • Lana Privitera, Some Cups And Polka Dots
  • Sai Priya Mahajan, The Charm Of The Chola Bronzes
  • Lori Quinque-Quinn, Winter Waning
  • Jane Ramsey, Carolyns Flowers
  • Karen Riedy, Gwen
  • Patricia Riley, The Biker
  • Julia Rix, Studio View
  • Larry R Mallory, Another Time
  • Thomas Rutledge, Along The Creek
  • Alayne Sahar, Lilly
  • Judy Saltzman, Girl Friends
  • Suzanne Satterfield, FIRE!
  • Michael Scherfen, Piano Man
  • Cheryl Schlenker, Backyards
  • Diane Schmidt, Conflicts Of Interest
  • Beth Schoenleber, Late Season Grapes
  • Dena Shepherd, Dropped
  • Andrea Snyder, Lucas Samara Rediscovered
  • Terry Souders, AUCTION CROSSINGS
  • Jean Spicer, los Toscadores de Flutas
  • Rdhika Srinivas, Lanterns Of Grant Street
  • Carol Staub, Tick Tock
  • Kay Stern, Rain Traffic And Miracles
  • Nancy Sterr Lang, Brothers
  • Edith Stevenson, Lobster Cottage
  • Jane Stoddard, Pals
  • Annie Strack, Destiny Awaits
  • Robert Sussna, Trap Rock
  • Tan Suz Chiang, Relationship 2
  • Jeannine Swartz, Orange Marmalade
  • Tim Swartz, Blank Heart
  • William Sweeney, View From The Pond At Dawn
  • Michele Tabor Kimbrough, Troup Hostess Kali - Crucian Carnival Series
  • Marie T Harris, Chinese Dancer In Traditional Costume
  • Susannah Thomer, City Flow
  • Lena Thynell PWCS BWS PWS, Frosty Country Morning
  • Dee Turba, Pebbles
  • Bernie Tyler, On The Waterfront
  • Denise Vitollo, Hidden
  • Sherry Ward, Before The Dance
  • Lois Ward Wolford, Three For Breakfast
  • Susan Weintraub, Under The B Train
  • Frank Wengen, Giselas Blue Bucket
  • Kathleen Wert, End Of Day Vancouver
  • Anne Whalon, Cafe al Aperto
  • Stewart White, Under The Weight Of Myths
  • John Walker, 1 pm Departure New Freedom PA
  • Rhoda Yanow, Fancy Dancer
  • Setsuko Yoshida, Manifestation
  • Linda Young, Pappas Pink Parade
  • Chong-Zhi Zeng, Impression Of Jiufen Tower

2018 Award Winners

Award name Amount 2018 recipient name
PWCS Award for Excellence in Works on Paper $1,500.00 Rebecca Postell
Elizabeth Shober Hooper Memorial Award for Excellence in Presentation and Technique $1,000.00 William Sweeney
PWCS Founders' Award $500.00 Teresa DeSeve
National Watercolor Society Award for Excellence in Watermedia $500.00 Lois Ward Wolford
PWCS Board of Directors' Award $500.00 Elise Morenon
PWCS Members Award $400.00 Jean Spicer
PWCS 118th Exhibition Award $300.00 Susan Weintraub
Frank Nofer Memorial Award for Transparent Watercolor $275.00 Tim Swartz
Chandler Bellows Memorial Award $250.00 Doree Loschiavo
Marie Hollenbeck Award for Excellence $250.00 Kathleen Durdin
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Award for Excellence $250.00 Antoaneta Georgieva
Baltimore Watercolor Society Award for Excellence $250.00 Denny Bond
Don Patterson Award $250.00 Nishita Jain
Mel Fetterolf Award $225.00 Jeanne Gunther
W. Emerton Heitland Award for Excellence in Traditional Watercolor $200.00 Woon Lam Ng
Mary K. McGee Memorial Award for Excellence in Pastel $200.00 Alice Laputka
Mildred Sands Kratz Award for Traditional Watercolor $200.00 Mick McAndrews
PWCS Award for Composition $200.00 Carol Staub
PWCS Award for Use of Color $200.00 Sherry Ward
Vincent Award $200.00 Brenda Dolhanczyk
Newman & Saunders Gallery Award $150.00 Patricia Riley
Sandra Sawin Memorial Award for Representational Landscape in Watercolor $150.00 Richard P. Ressel
American Picture Framing Award $100.00 Carolyn Latanision
Ginny Coombs Award for Excellence $100.00 Catherine Grygiel
Thorton Oakley Memorial Award $100.00 Denise Vitollo
Frederic W. Schmid Memorial Award $100.00 Alexis Lavine
Helen Farr Sloan Award given by the Studio Group at Howard Pyle Studio $100.00 Jean K. Gill
Bonnie and Harrison vonDuyke Award for Transparent Watercolor $100.00 Tan Suz Chiang

PWCS 118th Anniversary International Works on Paper

October 14, 2018 - November 20, 2018

Wayne Art Center
413 Maplewood Ave
Wallingford, PA 19086

Office and Gallery Hours

M - Th 9 am - 7:30 pm
Friday 9 am - 3pm
Saturday 10 am - 2pm


Michael Adams* 

John Anderson 

David Antell 

Herbert Appelson 

Carol Ashton-Hergenhan*

Denise Athanas 

Robin Avery 

Deena Ball 

Judy Ballance 

Angela Barbalace

Nancy Barch 

Joanna Barnum*

Karen Benco 

Paulette Bensignor 

Matthew Bird* 

Denny Bond 

Myhanh Bosse 

Reena Brooks

Thomas Bucci

Lisa Budd 

Michael Buszko 

Diane Cannon 

Indira Cariappa 

Dee Casner*

Choon Heong Chang

Debabrata Chaudhuri 

Connie Clutter 

P. Jean Cole* 

Martha Colgan 

Cheryl Coniglio 

Wendy Cotton* 

Linda Cowles 

Sally Davies 

Doris Davis-Glackin 

Cheryl Decker-Sauder 

Roger DeMuth 

Rebecca Denneny* 

Teresa DeSeve 

Gwynn Di Pilla 

Jeanne Dobie 

Brenda Dolhanczyk* 

kathleen durdin 

Jay Eisenberg* 

Cheryl Elmo 

Tracey Femiano 

Martha Fenoglio 

Katherine Lofaro Firpo 

Robbie Fitzpatrick 

Ryan Fox 

Karen Frattali 

George Gallatig 

Antoaneta Georgieva 

Kathleen Giles 

Jean K. Gill 

Arlene Ginsburg 

Betz Green 

Diane Greenberg

Catherine Grygiel 

Jeanne Gunther 

Beverly Hammerman* 

Barbara Handler 

Marie T Harris 

Nicholas Harvilla 

Patricia Herlihy 

Albina P Herron 

Joyce Hicks 

Richard Hoffman 

Carol Hubbard 

Judith Hummer*

Laura Hwang* 

Nishita Jain 

Jane James 

John James 

Leo Kahl 

Barbara Kaiser 

Mark Kaufman 

Michele Tabor Kimbrough 

Rick Kowalewski

Nancy Sterr Lang 

Alice Laputka 

Carolyn Latanision 

Alexis Lavine 

Donald Leong 

Blanche Levitt Torphy 

Kerk Hwang Lok 

Larry Lombardo 

Doree Loschiavo 

Stacy Lund levy 

Sai Priya Mahajan 

Deborah Maklowski 

Larry R Mallory 

Barbara March 

Anni Matsick 

Joyce McAfee 

Mick McAndrews 

Wendy Mcclatchy

Sandra McKeehan 

Charlotte Mehosky* 

Lynn Millar 

Dean Mitchell 

Elise Morenon 

Terri Morse 

Yvonne Mucci 

Susan Murphy 

Roe Murray* 

Marie Natale 

Eileen Mueller Neill 

Kimberlee Nentwig* 

Woon Lam Ng 

Elizabeth Oberman 

Jo-Ann Osnoe 

Charley Parker 

Maria Payer* 

Catherine Peluso* 

Elise Phillips 

Lynda Pitman 

Rebecca Postell 

Pamela Price 

Lana Privitera 

Lori Quinque - Quinn 

Jane Ramsey 

Richard P. Ressel

Al Richards

Karen Riedy* 

Patricia Riley 

Julia Rix* 

Thomas Rutledge 

Alayne Sahar 

Judy Saltzman 

W. B. Scheirer 

Michael Scherfen 

Cheryl Schlenker 

Diane Schmidt 

Beth Schoenleber 

Dena Shepherd 

Andrea Snyder

Terry Souders

Jean Spicer

Radhika Srinivas

Carol Staub

Kay Stern

Edith Stevenson

Jane Stoddard

Annie Strack

Robert Sussna

Tan Suz Chiang

Jeannine Swartz

Tim Swartz

William Sweeney*

Susannah Thomer

Lena Thynell PWCS BWS PWS

Dee Turba

Bernie Tyler*

Denise Vitollo

John W Walker

Sherry Ward*

Lois Ward Wolford

Susan Weintraub

Frank Wengen

Kathleen Wert*

Anne Whalon

stewart White

Rhoda Yanow

Setsuko Yoshida

Linda Young

Chong-Zhi Zeng

*member attained signature status through recent acceptance into the 118th Works on Paper exhibition.

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