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Membership Levels

Associate Membership 

Associate members (and all member levels presented below) are entitled to: 

  • Receive a PWCS membership card and the PWCS newsletter Half/Sheet, with the privilege of submitting news for the Members’ News column.
  • Be listed in the Membership Directory and the Annual Catalog.
  • Receive prospectus to the Anniversary International Exhibitions of Works on Paper and all Members’ Exhibitions.
  • Enter two works in the PWCS Anniversary International Exhibitions at a reduced rate.
  • Receive a Complimentary Copy of the Catalogs from the Anniversary International Exhibitions.
  • Receive invitations to the Awards Receptions, the Annual Members’ Meetings, and all PWCS Lectures, Events, and Educational Programs.
  • Members only plein air events
  • Members reduced rates on workshops and events.

Signature Membership

An Associate Member in good standing will become a Signature Member after exhibiting as an Associate in two Anniversary International Exhibitions.  Signature Members may use the initials PWCS after their name. To initiate a membership status change, detailed information regarding acceptances should be forwarded to PWCS Membership. Membership in PWCS follows the calendar year.  Dues renewal notices will be sent out 60 days prior to the renewal date. A Signature Member will remain in good standing while there is no lapse in membership.  A lapse in Signature membership occurs after 365 of unpaid overdue dues.

The PWCS Crest Medal

The PWCS Crest Medal Award is given to honor those Signature Members who have shown consistent excellence in works entered in our annual exhibitions. The points required for the Crest Medal Award are six. They are awarded as follows:  

 First Award (Best in Show)  5 points 
 Second Award   4 points
 Third Award   3 points 
 Fourth Award  2 points
 An Award   1 point 

IMPORTANT: The PWCS cannot be responsible for the research required to determine eligibility. Any Member that believe they are eligible should furnish all details of their awards to PWCS Membership.

Members selected to receive the PWCS Award for Achievement in the Arts and the PWCS Award for Outstanding Service to the Society are also awarded the Crest Medal. All Crest Medal Award winners may use the initials (CA) after their name.

Life Membership

Having paid dues for the past ten years, a Signature Member may elect to purchase a Life Membership at the cost of $500.

Honorary Life Membership

Having paid dues for the past ten years and upon attaining the age of 72 years, a Signature Member can request Honorary Life Membership. If a Member is eligible for an upgrade in membership status, notification should be emailed to PWCS Membership, accompanied by all associated details and dates.

Become a Member

Membership costs $46/year.

If you join as a new member after October 1 in the current calendar year, you membership will be active for the remainder of that year and the entire year following.

Join Now

For existing members wishing to renew their membership, login to your profile and renew from there.

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