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Many of our members teach. They could teach in classrooms, present demos, lead workshops, and/or tutor individuals. They also teach online, in-person, or both. We hope that this annotated listing of members who teach will be useful both to the teachers and to members who are looking to develop their art.

Please note that inclusion of a teacher  on the list is not an endorsement; it is up to the prospective student follow the leads and reach their own conclusions.

If you are a member in good standing who wishes to be included in this listing, use our Members-Who-Teach-Form to provide us with the appropriate information. (You will have to log-in with your member account to access this form.)

Members Who Teach


Web How Type What
Joanna Barnum
(MD) Online & In-Person Demos, Workshops watercolor, especially portraits- both fundamental and experimental techniques
Robert Burridge
(CA) Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring acrylic, mixed media, figurative, loosening up techniques
Indira Cariappa
(Pa) Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring fundamentals, intermediate and advanced level watercolor; studio and plein air 
Phil Courtney
(NJ) In-Person Workshops beginner watercolor workshops in Cape May, NJ
Denise Croft
(NJ) In-Person Classes, Tutoring observational drawing, watercolor
Brenda Dolhanczyk
Online Classes Western Art History at Atlantic Cape Community College
Karen Frattali
(PA) Online & In-Person Classes, Workshops high level watercolor realism
Linnie Greenberg
@linnie.greenberg Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops collage, gel printing, book arts, mixed media projects
Nancy Halbert
(PA) Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring soft pastel, watercolor, drawing, & mixed media with a focus on landscapes and figurative art
Judith Hummer
(NJ) In-Person Classes, Demos,
watercolor techniques on yupo paper
Gina Judy
(OH) Online & In-Person Demos, Workshops drawing, painting & printmaking; certified K-12 instructor
Carolyn D Latanision
(MA) In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops watercolor
Stacy Lund Levy
(MD) Online & In-Person Demos, Workshops, Tutoring watercolor techniques for portraits, animals, wildlife, urban landscape
Mick McAndrews
(PA) Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops sophisticated simplicity in watercolor
Laurin McCracken
(TX) In-Person Workshops high degree of realism in watercolor with emphasis on sliver and crystal with a black background
Sharon McKittrick Boyle
(VA) In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring studio watercolor & art education for home-schooled students
Eve Miller
(GA) Online & In-Person Demos, Workshops soft pastels (on watercolor paper and with watercolor underpainting as one technique)
Joe Milligan
(PA & NJ) In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring watercolor - studio and plein air
Marie Natale
(NJ) Online Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring, Plein Air watercolor - all subjects and techniques
Tim Saternow
(NJ) Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops, Tutoring basic watercolor to advanced watercolor technique
Radhika Srinivas
(PA) Online & In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops watercolor - ongoing classes at the Wayne Art Center &  workshops at Square Pear Gallery, Kennett Square
Annie Strack
(PA) Online & In-Person Demos, Workshops studio and plein air painting, business and marketing, social media, critiques
Gwynn Walker Di Pilla
(NJ) In-Person Classes, Demos, Workshops watercolor, drawing
Julia Way
(PA) Online & In-Person Classes, Demonstrations, Workshops, Tutoring watercolor & drawing; currently teaches at Abington Art Center, PA
Deanna Weinholtz
(NY) Online Classes, Demos, Workshops watercolor, acrylic, color theory, composition, perspective

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