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117th Anniversary International Exhibition of Works on Paper

88 photo(s) Updated on: November 13, 2017
  • Judith Antonelli, Waterlily Pond
  • Denise Athanas, Within Bounds II
  • Judy Ballance, South Street Seaport After Dark
  • Nancy Barch, Word Processor
  • Mimi Barclay, Lily Frog Pond
  • Joanna Barnum, Panorama
  • Anna Bellenger, Sidewalk Games 2 Marbles
  • Lea Bellis, They Call Her Wisky
  • Barbara Berry, The Prayer
  • Barbara Bickford, Linear Insight
  • Denny Bond, Brew
  • Thomas Bucci, Flatiron
  • Steve Cole, Hiding Underwater
  • Rodney Cook, Up The Down Stairs
  • David Coolidge, Everglades Garden
  • Linda Cowles, The Tree House
  • Jane deGruchy, Balanced Diet
  • Roger DeMuth, Macy's Entrance NYC
  • Rebecca Denneny, Determination
  • Teresa DeSeve, Sunday Morning
  • Kathleen Durdin, Alafia Water Vendor
  • Joyce Eesley, Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries
  • Yuechen Feng, The Twilight Harbor
  • Karen Frattali, Two Pairs And A Spare
  • Mary Lou Griffin, Summer Dunes II
  • Jeanne Gunther, Marsh Wren
  • Barbara Handler, Citrus Dreams
  • John Hassler, Up The Line
  • Carol Hubbard, Disconnection
  • Judith Hummer, Fish Tale
  • Jane James, Bouquet With Stripes
  • John James, Starting Anew
  • Ardythe Jolliff, Meadowlark Melody
  • Carol Kardon, Windy Orchard
  • Ken Karlic, A Gritty Grainy Day
  • Mark Kaufman, Woman With Leopard
  • Linnie KerriganGreenberg, Gentrified
  • Theresa Kubert, Annie
  • Alice Laputka, Trees By The Water
  • Alexis Lavine, Red Hat Ladies Share A Secret
  • Deborah Maklowski, Side Effects II
  • Alice Mandel, Clarinet 3 Views
  • Barbara March, Birds Of A Feather
  • Mick McAndrews, Moonshine
  • Wendy McClatchy, La Serviette Bleue
  • Charlotte Mehosky, Baby Turtles Journey
  • Karen Miller, Priority Mail
  • Janet Milnazik, Long Distance Call
  • Roe Murray, The Jordan River
  • Eileen Neill, Salt And Pepper
  • Kimberlee Nentwig, Dahlia Darling
  • Elizabeth Oberman, The Boys Of Summer
  • Maria Payer, Ambassadors At Work
  • Catherine Peluso, South Jazz
  • George Politis, Door In China II
  • Jill Rees, Stars In The Window
  • Richard Ressel, Wildwood Nights
  • Dorrie Rifkin, Road To Freedom
  • Patricia Riley, Where The Path Goes
  • Julia Rix, Ant Peony I
  • Abby Rudisill, Birdman
  • Thomas Rutledge, Clam Bake
  • Marie Samohod, Bronzini
  • Cheryl Schlenker, Melting Pot
  • Diane Schmidt, Hostile Takeover
  • Beth Schoenleber, Ready To Pick
  • Baogang Shang, Lively Beach
  • Debra Smith, Fetch It Yourself
  • Mary Smith, Morning Constitutional
  • Peter Smith, Wild Phlox
  • Natalie Smythe, Rose Colored Glasses
  • Radhika Srinivas, Christmas On The Rockefeller
  • Carol Staub, Post It
  • Kay Stern, A Courageous Heart Behind That Badge
  • Jane Stoddard, The Golden Hour
  • Karina Suero, Playing With The Dog
  • Tan SuzChiang, Simplicity 2
  • Susannah Thomer, Evening Stroll
  • Lena Thynell, Marain Quarters Paris
  • Carmella Tuliszewski, Ripples
  • Dee Turba, Tranquility
  • Susan Weintraub, Under The F Train
  • Anne Whalon, Its All About The Base
  • Idaherma Williams, Procession
  • Erin Wohletz, Cocoon
  • Yan Wu, Well Dressed Girl
  • Sabine Yeager, Upstairs Downstairs
  • Fotios Zemenides, A Life


PWCS 2017 Awards Winners

Award Name



1.     PWCS Award for Excellence in Works on Paper


Barbara Berry

2.     Elizabeth Shober Hooper Memorial Award for Excellence in Presentation and Tech.


Susan Weintraub

3.     PWCS Founders’ Award


Denise Athanas

4.     National Watercolor Society Award for Excellence in Watermedia


Cheryl Schlenker

5.     PWCS Board of Directors’ Award


Joanna Barnum

6.     PWCS Members’ Award


Denny Bond

7.     PWCS 117th Exhibition Award


George Politis

8.     PWCS Award for Use of Color


Elizabeth Oberman

9.     Vincent Award


Carol Kardon

10.  Frank Nofer Memorial Award for Transparent Watercolor


Tan Suzchiang

11.  Chandler Bellows Memorial Award


Deborah Maklowski

12.  Marie L. Hollenbeck Award for Excellence


Teresa DeSeve

13.  Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Award for Excellence


Mick McAndrews

14.  Baltimore Watercolor Society Award for Excellence


Janet Milnazik

15.  Mel Fetterolf Award


Catherine Peluso

16.  W. Emerton Heitland Memorial Award


Alexis Lavine

17.  Mary K. McGee Memorial Award for Excellence in Pastel


Mary Rinderle Smith

18.  Mildred Sands Kratz Award for Traditional Watercolor


Kathleen durdin

19.  Newman & Saunders Gallery Award


Steve Cole

20.  Sandra Sawin Memorial Award for Representational Landscape in Watercolor


Ken Karlic

21.  PWCS Award for Composition


Mark Kaufman

22.  American Picture Framing Award


Judith Hummer

23.  Ginny Coombs Award for Excellence


Jane James

24.  Thornton Oakley Memorial Award


Charlotte Mehosky

25.  Frederic W. Schmid Memorial Award


Debra Smith

26.  Helen Farr Sloan Award given by the Studio Group at Howard Pyle Studio


Thomas Rutledge

27.  Bonnie and Harrison vonDuyke Award for Transparent Watercolor


Thomas Bucci





Bold print signifies endowed awards

117TH International Works on Paper PWCS

The 2017 International Works on Paper Exhibition will be held at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA from September 9 - October 15, 2017. A call for entries will be sent out via email and a reminder postcard will be sent to all members in good standing. Members receive a discounted entry rate. Artists will be able to digitally enter the show from April 1 - May 28, 2017. The juror of selection is Robert Burridge and the judge of awards is Andy Evansen.
Ross Lance Mitchell - video above

Ross Lance Mitchell is the former Director of Barnes-de Mazia Education and Outreach Programs for the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. This was his second term of employment with the Barnes Foundation where he previously served as the Gallery Director. For eight years he was the Executive Director of the Violette de Mazia Foundation whose mission was to teach aesthetics and art appreciation. Mr. Mitchell started his career as a painter and studied at the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA with Violette de Mazia. He has also worked as Executive Director of Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia where he repositioned the cemetery as a heritage tourism destination and Senior Associate for VIART Corporation, a Manhattan based art-consulting firm. His past volunteer service includes serving as President of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Commissioner on the Lower Merion (PA) Historical Commission, as well as Vice President of the Lower Merion (PA) Historical Society

PWCS 117th Anniversary International Works on Paper
September 9, 2017- October 15, 2017
Community Arts Center 
414 Plush Mill Road
Wallingford, PA 19086

Office and Gallery Hours

M - Th 9 am - 7:30 pm
Friday 9 am - 3pm
Saturday 10 am - 2pm

Andy Evansen Demonstration Saturday September 9, 2017 7-8:30 pm advance registration necessary

Gallery Talk - Ross Lance Mitchell Wednesday, September 27 5:30 PM - open to the public

Awards Reception Sunday, October 15, 2017 2-4 PM open to the public


Judith Antonelli
Denise Athanas
Judy Ballance
Nancy Barch
Joanna Barnum
Anna Bellenger
Lea Bellis
Barbara Berry
Barbara Bickford
Denny Bond
Thomas Bucci
Steve Cole
Rodney Cook
Davd Coolidge
Linda Cowles
Jane deGruchy
Roger DeMuth
Rebecca Denneny
Teresa DeSeve
Kathleen Durdin
Joyce Eesley
Yuechen Feng
Karen Frattali
Mary Lou Griffin
Jeanne Gunther
Barbara Handler
Carol Hubbard
Judith Hummer
Jane James
John James
Hassler John
Mimi Barclay Johnson
Ardythe Jolliff
Carol Kardon
Ken Karlic
Mark Kaufman
Linnie Kerrigan-Greenberg
Theresa Kubert
Alice Laputka
Alexis Lavine
Deborah Maklowski
Alice Mandel
Barbara March
Mick McAndrews
Wendy Mcclatchy
Charlotte Mehosky
Karen Kierstead Miller
Janet Milnazik
Roe Murray
Eileen Mueller Neill
Kimberlee Nentwig
Elizabeth Oberman
Maria Payer
Catherine Peluso
George Politis
Jill Rees
Richard P. Ressel
Dorrie Rifkin
Patricia Riley
Julia Rix
Abby Rudisill
Thomas Rutledge
Marie Samohod
Cheryl Schlenker
Diane Schmidt
Beth Schoenleber
Baogang Shang
Peter Smith
Mary Rinderle Smith
Debra Smith
Natalie Smythe
Radhika Srinivas
Carol Staub
Kay Stern
Jane Stoddard
Karina Suero
Tan Suz Chiang
Susannah Thomer
Lena Thynell PWCS
Carmella Tuliszewski, PWCS, PWS, NWWS, BWS
Dee Turba
Susan Weintraub
Anne Whalon
Idaherma Williams
Erin Wohletz
Yan Wu
Sabine Yeager
Fotios Zemenides


$1,000 PWCS Award of Excellence

Total Cash Awards in Excess of $8,500

Juror of Selection - Robert Burridge

Robert Burridge, a noted award-winning Industrial Designer who, after twenty-five years in the corporate world, focused his life to painting everyday. Burridge attributes his success to his education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, his stint as an adjunct professor at Cooper Union in New York City, and in 1966, his Fluxus art performances with Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Jim McWilliams and Charlotte Moorman. His work hangs in permanent collections of international embassies, corporate galleries and art colleges. His solo museum exhibitions received positive attention, so he was invited to exhibit his paintings at the Smithsonian Folklife Circus Arts Festival in Washington, DC.


Judge of Awards - Andy Evansen

Andy Evansen began painting watercolors as a change from the detailed digital images he creates as a medical illustrator.  His work gained recognition after winning an international watercolor competition through American Artist magazine, appearing on their cover in 2005.  His paintings have won numerous awards, including the Bronze Medal of Honor at the 2012 American Watercolor Society Exhibition, the Painters Award in Northwest Watercolor Society’s 2012 Waterworks Exhibition, and in 2015 he received the High Winds Medal and his signature status from the American Watercolor Society.

Andy was a featured presenter at the 2014 and 2016 Plein Air Convention and Expo, and in 2015 he was invited to Nanning, China to participate in a watercolor exhibition and plein air event alongside  other world renowned watercolor painters.  Andy recently opened his own studio gallery, Evansen Art Studio, in Hastings, MN, and he serves as the President for the prestigious Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA).  To learn more about Andy and his work please visit his website:  

Andy Evansen will also be offering a three-day watercolor workshop, September 7, 2017 - September 9, 2017. He will also be demonstrating on the evening of September 9th. Both of these events will have a discounted rate for current PWCS members. As we get closer to this event more information will be available.
info for participating artists   

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