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116th Anniversary International Exhibition of Works on Paper

99 photo(s) Updated on: November 29, 2016
  • Alayne R Abrahams, Death of The Dream
  • Judy Balance, Sir Richards Big Catch
  • Deena Ball, Cuban Light
  • Angela Barbalace, SummerTime at the Beach
  • Karen Benco, Loon Island Pool
  • Diana Hosley Burchfield, After The Rain
  • Angela Breese, Reed Sand Dune South Africa
  • Thomas Bucci, Easton Phillisburg Free Bridge
  • Hank Buffington, Yellow House
  • Matthew Bird, After The Rain
  • Steve Cole, Attitude Rehoboth Beach
  • Cheryl Coniglio, Selfie Absorbed
  • David Coolidge, Taliaferro Garden
  • Walt Costilow, Mystic Bench
  • Linda Cowles, Shadows On Ice
  • Lauren Daddona, Let's Talk Turkey
  • Doris Davis-Glackin, Brushed With Light
  • Roger DeMuth,Alwyn Court Building NYC
  • Teresa DeSeve, Age of Innocence
  • Steve Dion, Nude in Foundry II
  • BrendaAnn Dolhanczyk,Check In Day at Congress Hall
  • Vickie Dorsam, More Than Words
  • Jay Eisenberg,Self-Portrait, The Old Man And the See
  • Michael Farrah, Scottish Mountain
  • Yuechen Feng, Anna 2
  • Lynn Ferris, Lost Connections
  • Robbie Fitzpatrick, Aglow
  • Dorothy Flanagan, Neighbors
  • Jill Gill, Cherries Flambe
  • Diane Greenberg, She Has Long Legs
  • Joseph Grubb III,The Lone Cypress
  • Catherine Grygiel, Sunset Road
  • Jeanne E Gunther, Spring Bouquet Red String Series
  • Beverly Hammerman, No Service
  • Patricia Le Helmick, Trees of Cold Creek
  • Kathleen Zann Isacson, Uptown C
  • John E James, Wrecking Ball
  • Jane James, Chestnuts Roasting
  • Gairong Ji, Farm House
  • Sun Jiangong, Nest of Two
  • Mimi Barclay Johnson, Boat Repair
  • Ardythe Jolliff, The Sentinels
  • Sara Kahn, Sather Tower
  • Mark Kaufman, Silver Model
  • Maria J Keane, A Spider in Her Lap
  • Theresa M Kubert, Lady in Red
  • Alice Laputka, Like A Day In June
  • Valerie V Larsen, Thoughts
  • Carolyn D Latanision, Little Japanese Girl in Red
  • Donald Leong, Falling Waters
  • Dabei Liu, Stigmata
  • Deborah Maklowski, Relic
  • Alice Norman Mandel, Reflections VI
  • Jinnie May, Providence 394
  • Michael McAndrews, Pop's Fishin' Hole
  • Wendy J McClatchy, Secrets
  • James McFarlane, Valet Parking,Macau
  • Sandra G McKeehan, Boat House Row
  • Geraldine McKeown, Snow Tomorrow
  • Karen K Miller, Language Of Letters
  • Eileen Mueller-Neill, Fancy Feather Dancers
  • Barbara Neville, Fairville Cornfileld
  • WoonLam Ng, Sunlit Morning
  • Emily Nicholson, Botanical of Joe Pye Tiger Lily and Milkweed
  • Elizabeth Oberman, Scallywags
  • Louise K Peardon, Mongolian Table
  • Lori Quinque-Quinn, Tangerines and Turquoise
  • Jill Hassall Rees,Night Shift
  • Richard P Ressel, Immortal
  • Karen J Riedy, Venite
  • Dorrie F Rifkin, What's the Rush W 43rd Street
  • Lois Sanders, Merging
  • Wendy B Scheirer, Cone Flowers
  • Cheryl Schlenker, Aerial
  • Dorla Dean Slider, Street Walking
  • Mary Rinderle Smith, Yellow Reflections
  • Peter H Smith, Plein Air Kuerner Farm House
  • Terry L Souders, Sing 'Pooh' Again, Daddy
  • Jean Uhl Spicer, Vendors of Mexico
  • Siv Spurgeon, Rose Study
  • Kay Stern, Orange Food of the Gods
  • Roland E Stevens III, Bottoms Up
  • Susan M Stuller, Going Round and Round
  • Karina T Suero, Cousins in an Italian Restaurant
  • Yan Sun, The Beach
  • William R Sweeney, Hay Shoot
  • Susannah Hart Thomer, Vrooom
  • Lena K Thynell, Forgotten Barn
  • Carmella Tuliszewskii, Glimmerglass
  • Gilmore VanStone Jr, Lumberjack
  • Sherry Ward, Becky at the Dance
  • Kathleen Wert, Tank Cars
  • Yan Wu, Confident Old Lady
  • Yunhui Ye, Night of Hong Kong
  • Sabine Yeager, The Olde Glade Creek Grist Mill
  • Sarah Yeoman, Venice Market
  • Li Yuliang, Leisure
  • Ziming Zhao, V2

Congratulations to the following artists 

whose paintings were selected for an award

 by our esteemed juror Stewart White!

1. PWCS Award for Excellence in Works on Paper


Lois Sanders

2. Elizabeth Shober Hooper Memorial Award for

   Excellence in Presentation and Technique


Teresa DeSeve

3. National Watercolor Society Award for Excellence in



Roland Stevens III

4. PWCS Members’ Award


Kay Stern

5. PWCS Founders’ Award


Denise Athanas

6. The Edward Yorkdale Award for Impressionistic Qualities


Catherine Grygiel

7. Vincent Award


Patricia Le Helmick

8. Frank Nofer Memorial Award for Transparent



Mick McAndrews

9. Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Award for Excellence


James McFarlane

10. Marie L. Hollenbeck Award for Excellence


Carmella Tuliszewski

11. Chandler Bellows Memorial Award


William Sweeney

12. Richard Greenwood Memorial Award


Yunhui Ye

13. PWCS President’s Award


Dabei Liu

14. Award for Innovative Work


Yuechen Feng

15. Mel Fetterolf Award


Yan Sun

16. Mary K. McGee Memorial Award for Excellence in Pastel


Barbara Neville

17. W. Emerton Heitland Memorial Award


Jinnie May

18. Baltimore Watercolor Society Award for Excellence


Lynn Ferris

19. Becky and Mick McAndrews Award for Excellence


Siv Spurgeon

20. Barbara Welsh White Award for Excellence


Diane Greenberg

21. Sarah Yeoman Award for Excellence


Karen Benco

22. Mildred Sands Kratz Award for Traditional



Gilmore Van Stone Jr.

23. Newman & Saunders Gallery Award


Karen Miller

24. Sandra Sawin Memorial Award for Representational

     Landscape in Watercolor     


Sandra McKeehan

25. PWCS Award for Traditional Watercolor


Yan Wu

26. Helen Farr Sloan Award given by the Studio Group at

     Howard Pyle Studio


Hank Buffington

27. Ginny Coombs Award for Excellence


Cheryl Schlenker

28. Annie Strack Award for Excellence


Eileen Mueller Neill

29. Thornton Oakley Memorial Award


Alice Norman Mandel

30. Bonnie and Harrison von Duyke Award for

     Transparent Watercolor


Elizabeth Oberman

31. American Picture Framing Award


Deborah Maklowski

32. Deena Ball Award for Excellence


Sun Jiangang

33. James McFarlane Award for Excellence


Sherry Ward

34. Susannah Hart Thomer People’s Choice Award



35. David L Williams Memorial Award


Dorrie Rifkin

36. George M. Schmid Memorial Award


Wendy McClatchy

Bold print signifies endowed awards

Stewart White is a Senior Associate at Design Collective Inc. working as an architectural illustrator in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is a graduate of U of C at Berkeley with a major in fine art and a minor in art history.  Currently president of the Mid-Atlantic Plein-Air Painter Association (MAPAPA) he is a member of the American Impressionists Society (AIS), a signature member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS), a signature member of The American Watercolor Society (AWS) and past President of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI).  



Hearty congratulations to the following 19 artists who also gained Signature Membership in PWCS with their acceptance into the 116th Exhibition!  Well done! 


Alayne R. Abrahams
Angela Reed Breese
Steve Cole
Roger De Muth
Dorothy Flanagan
Joseph Grubb III
Kathleen Zann Isacson
Mark A. Kaufman
Maria J. Keane
Theresa M. Kubert
Donald Leong
Karen Kierstead Miller
Emily Nicholson
Jill Hassall Rees
Dorrie F. Rifkin
Lois Sanders
Mary Rinderle Smith
Lena K. Thynell
Gilmore Van Stone


Click on the following link to view the list of all accepted entries: 


2016 Exhibition Accepted Entries.pdf 


To download a digital postcard, click here: 


2016 PWCS Exhibition postcard.pdf 


Sincere thanks to all artists who submitted so many beautiful works to the exhibition.  The depth and breadth of work submitted was exceptional.


The exhibition will be held in West Chester University's John H. Baker Gallery in the E.O. Bull Center on the West Chester University Campus from September 6 through October 15. 

The gallery talk by John Baker will begin at 12:30 with the Awards Reception immediately following. The gallery will open at 12:00.

Artists may pick up their works after the reception (3:00pm) or on Sunday, October16, from 11:00am to 3:00pm.


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