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Purchasing paintings from the 2018: Philadelphia Water Color Society’s members online show can be done directly through the artist. Please email for inquiries.

215 photo(s) Updated on: March 02, 2018
  • Ventnor, Karoline Adler
  • Northern Lights, Christine Alfrey
  • Torso,Christine Alfery
  • Jack-in-the-pulpit Fruit, Carol Ashton-Hergenhan
  • Radicchio (Chicorium intybus), Carol Ashton-Hergenhan
  • FANTASY, Denise Athanas
  • Early Spring, Deena Ball
  • Moody Day, Deena Ball
  • Plein Air Jerusalem Street, Angela Barbalace
  • Gaze, Joanna Barnum
  • Rift, Joanna Barnum
  • Choir Boys, Janet Belich
  • Wings & Strings, Janet Belich
  • The Prize, Anna Bellenger
  • Tic Tac Toe, Anna Bellenger
  • A New Day, Ally Benbrook
  • High Plains Freedom, Ally Benbrook
  • Into the Rocky Pool, Karen Benco
  • Low Tide, Karen Benco
  • Out of the box Morris Arboretum, Paulette Bensignor
  • The Moment of Knowing Morris Arboretum, Paulette Bensignor
  • Self-Portrait, Frank Bernard
  • Portrait One, Anuradha Bhat
  • Portrait Two, Anuradha Bhat
  • Chromatic Medley, Barbara Bickford
  • Reflection, Barbara Bickford
  • Cecilton Silos, Michael Bignell
  • Looking Forward, Matthew Bird
  • Still life with Venus de Milo, Matthew Bird
  • Petunia, Aida Birritteri
  • Pleasant Road, Aida Birritteri
  • Abandoned, Denny Bond
  • Essential Oils, Denny Bond
  • Color Block, Myhanh Bosse
  • Rhapsody in Blue, Myhanh Bosse
  • Return to Wynwood, Rosie Brown
  • Wash Day, Rosie Brown
  • City Living, Jennifer Cadoff
  • Tumbling Blocks (Lime Teal) --Quilt Series 5, Jennifer Cadoff
  • Discovery, Dianne Cannon
  • Color Symphony, Indira Cariappa
  • Pansies, Indira Cariappa
  • Hill Country Skies No 4, Virgil Carter
  • Hill Country Skies No 5, Virgil Carter
  • The Boys, Dee Casner
  • The Drummer, Debabrata Chaudurri
  • The Laugh, Debabrata Chaudhuri
  • Nap Time, Cheryl Coniglio
  • We All Need A Little Magic, Cheryl Coniglio
  • Bicyclist NYC, Rodney Cook
  • Windy Day I, Rodney Cook
  • Fill Em Up, Walt Costilow
  • French Window, Walt Costilow
  • Power on the material Plane, Linda Cowles
  • What Comes Next, Linda Cowles
  • Empire, Giny Crawford
  • My Heart, Giny Crawford
  • Brushed With Light, Doris Davis-Glackin
  • Confluence, Jane deGruchy
  • Orange and Blue, Jane deGruchy
  • Strolling Central Park, Gwynn DiPilla
  • Abstract No 5, Barbara Dirnbach
  • The Shoe, Barbara Dirnbach
  • Drama, Brenda Dolhanczyk
  • The Journey, Brenda Dolhanczyk
  • Autumn Seas, Vickie Dorsam
  • Longwood Vincenzo, Mary Lou Doyle
  • Blueberries in Silver Bowl, Joyce Eesley
  • Hydrangea, Joyce Eesley
  • Buds, Catherine Elam
  • Koi Pond, Catherine Elam
  • Perfect Day, Carol Fazio
  • Sherbet Sky, Carol Fazio
  • Abandoned, Martha Fenoglio
  • Roma, Karen Frattali
  • Atlantic City Back Bay, George Gallatig
  • Strolling at St Peters Village, George Gallatig
  • undefined, Marcia Gasser
  • Cherries Jubilee, Jean Gill
  • Lost Frond No 2, Jean Gill
  • Dwarfed 2, Arlene Ginsburg
  • Dwarfed, Arlene Ginsburg
  • Joyful Skeletons, Betz Green
  • Sofia 1, Betz Green
  • The Falconers, Jim Green
  • Diana and the Hunt, Nancy Green
  • Mary's Splendid View of the World, Nancy Green
  • October Morning, Mary Lou Griffin
  • After the Storm, Joe Grubb
  • The Long Pull, Jeanne Gunther
  • What's on your Dresser, Jeanne Gunther
  • Dayenu, Beverly Hammerman
  • I Rise, Beverly Hammerman
  • Battery park and the Hudson River, Diana Hosley-Burchfiled
  • Still Life with Ivy, Diana Hosley-Burchfiled
  • A Time to Remember, Judith Hummer
  • Bryant Park, Judith Hummer
  • Arches in Lucca, Jane James
  • Lucca Tower, Jane James
  • Home in the Mist, John James
  • String a Thought - Psychedelic Home, John James
  • Liz The Queen, Masi Jorg
  • At the Museum, Barbara Kaiser
  • Roses in the Window, Barbara Kaiser
  • Jean, Mark Kaufman
  • Susie on Box Car, Mark Kaufman
  • Dusk on Winter, Madeline Kelly
  • Jean in Pink, Theresa Kubert
  • The Barista, Theresa Kubert
  • Leaves of Gold, Patricia Langdon
  • Field of Summer Gold, Elissa Leibowitz-Poma
  • Shophouse on the Corner, Elissa Leibowitz-Poma
  • Falling Water, Donald Leong
  • Afternoon Bliss, Stacy Lund-Levy
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks, Stacy Lund-Levy
  • No Fly Zone, Barbara March
  • Road Trip, Barbara March
  • Fleurs Ala Mode, Jeanne Marston
  • Winter Wood, Jeanne Marston
  • From Here to a Star, Jinnie May
  • This IS My Day Job, Jinnie May
  • Alley, Mick McAndrews
  • Morning on the Brandywine, Mick McAndrews
  • Afternoon Calm, Wendy McClatch
  • Blanc Sur Blanc, Wendy McClatchy
  • Silver, Cherries, Pears & Magnolia, Laurin McCracken
  • Peek A Boo, Jane McGovern
  • Baby Doll, Sandra McKeehan
  • Beaufort, Sandra McKeehan
  • Reading Terminal, Brian McKinney
  • San Francisco Cable Car, Bryan McKinney
  • A Touch of Dutch, Dennis Millar
  • Goggleworks View, Lynn Millar
  • End of a Bad Day, Elise Morenon
  • Spring Bouquet, Elisa Morenon
  • Golden Season, Yvonne Mucci
  • Solo Flight, Yvonne Mucci
  • Birches, Roe Murray
  • Dusting of Snow, Roe Murray
  • Golden Glow on the AC Boardwalk, Marie Natale
  • Preparation for the Horse Show, Candace Naumowicz-Zacher
  • Aficionado, Nancy Neale
  • Obsolete, Nancy Neale
  • In Search Of, Kimberlee Nentwig
  • More Chocolate Please, Kimberlee Nentwig
  • Rosebush, Jo-Ann Osnoe
  • Jon Barrtram House Through Trees, Charley Parke
  • Summer Along the Brandywine, Charley Parker
  • 298091.1217961, Langdon Patricia
  • Under the Bridge, Dolores Pettit
  • Wooden Door, George Politis
  • Gulls at Olsons, Bruce Poulterer
  • Memories of Andrew Wyeth, Bruce Poulterer
  • Falling Leaves, Franck Rauscher
  • Swimming Freely, Franck Rauscher
  • Afterlife, Richard Ressel
  • Indian River Inlet, Alfred Richards
  • Peace Prayer, Susan Richards
  • Peace Prayer, Susan Richards
  • Pink Preview, Karen Riedy
  • Secrets, Karen Riedy
  • Cuban Santeria Dancer, Patricia Riley
  • Recycling, Patricia Riley
  • Birch Forest, Mary Rinderle-Smith
  • South Country, Mary Rinderle-Smith
  • Brunch Setting, Jillian Robostello
  • Sycamore Alley, Jillian Robostello
  • Crystal Clear Water, Sylvia Roth
  • Portland Light, Sylvia Roth
  • Peony in Phlox, Kathy Ruck
  • Martin Aguayo, Marie Samohod
  • Patterns, Marie Samohod
  • Anguilla, Amy Schade
  • Posse Equoro, Amy Schade
  • Alley's General Store, WB Scheirer
  • Hollyhocks, WB Scheirer
  • Discussion, Cheryl Schlenker
  • Harbor Village, Cheryl Schlenker
  • claire de lune, Patty Schwarz
  • roar of the surf, Patty Schwarz
  • Fanfare, Lorraine Sierchio
  • Plain and Fancy, Debra Smith
  • Morning Boardwalk, Peter Smith
  • Flatiron, Radhika Srinivas
  • St. Patrick NY, Radhika Srinivas
  • Hope, Karina Suero
  • The Carrier, Karina Suero
  • HomeNo 3, Jiangang Sun
  • Filling a Hole, William Sweeney
  • Protection from the Rain, William Sweeney
  • Williams Place, Susannah Thomer
  • Early September Morning, Lena Thynell
  • Sunrise over the Swedish West Coast, Lena Thynell
  • Ever Rolling Stream, Barbara Tracy
  • Summer's Bounty, Barbara Tracy
  • Mentor, Anne VanBlarcom-Kurowski
  • Veteran, Anne VanBlarcom-Kurowski
  • The Dream, Denise Vitollo
  • Toward the Light, Denise Vitollo
  • Fall Leaves, Mary Volpe
  • Lighthouse, Mary Volpe
  • Beach Debris, John Walker
  • The East Side of Maine, John Walker
  • Rainy Day, Susan Weintraub
  • The Cyclone, Susan Weintraub
  • Manayunk Bridge, Kathleen Wert
  • Search, Kathleen Wert
  • Conservatory Pond, Janice Wong
  • Water, Janice Daay Wong
  • Preaching to the Choir, Barbara Yoerg
  • Verga, Barbara Yoerg
  • Glow, Linda Young
  • Inside the Lavender Iris, Linda Young
  • Speedwell Forge Wolves, Thomas Zimmerman



FIRST - Don Leong - Falling Water

SECOND - Gwynn DiPilla - Strolling Central Park

THIRD - Barbara Yoerg - Preaching to the Choir

Awards of Merit

Susan Weintraub - Rainy Day

Debra Smith - Plain and Fancy

Denny Bond - Abandoned

Mary Rinderle Smith - Birch Forest

Denise Athanas - Fantasy

Honorable Mention

Joanna Barnum - Rift

Betz Green - Sofia 1

Matthew Bird - Still Life with Venus de Milo

Jean K. Gill - Cherries Jubilee

Cheryl Schlenker - Harbor Village


Juror's Statement: Stan Kurth

I would like to thank Deena Ball and the Philadelphia Water Color Society for allowing me the distinguished privilege of judging the 2018 Members Online Show. It was a difficult task to say the least because there were so many quality paintings. It's never easy selecting the "best" paintings for awards in a pool which includes such a variety of well executed styles and subject matter. No two jurors would pick the same paintings. This is a primarily subjective business we as painters ascribe to. For me it came down to those paintings which exhibited superior technical ability or design, and more importantly those which also invoked a strong visceral response in addition to the aforementioned qualities. As is the case most often, I vacillated and revisited those on the cusp again and again but the top awards clicked right away. 

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