Nishita Jain, BWS, PWCS

Water, by its very nature, is difficult to control. Using water as a key ingredient brings in an element of unpredictability to the act of painting. It makes for a challenge that keeps me perpetually on my toes and fully engaged in my practice!

I love painting landscapes. The gently swaying shadow of a tree on the surface of a pond, the early morning light filtering through swirling mist, the subtle changes in color temperature as the eye travels between the foreground and the background - every fleeting moment has indescribable beauty that just calls to be captured on paper.

The more I look, the more I see, and the more I want to paint. With joy, with freedom. It's truly the adventure of a lifetime. 

Being on the PWCS Board has been an invaluable experience. It has given me the opportunity to closely observe the business operations of a professionally managed art society. It has also enabled me to contribute to our community's growth by improving our technical processes and maximizing our use of innovative technology solutions. Equally important, I cherish the new connections I have built with its members and always look forward to interacting with my extremely friendly and talented artist friends during our virtual board meetings! 

Nishita is a watercolor artist residing in Maryland, USA. Born in India, she moved to North America in 2008 to explore a new professional opportunity.

During her school years, she participated in numerous painting competitions and won awards for her artwork (including the Soviet Land Nehru Award in 1988). Later, though she continued to pursue art as a serious hobby, her professional life revolved mainly around computer-based graphics and web design, gradually transitioning into digital marketing.

Over the last few years, watercolor painting has become a major focus in her life. Mostly self-taught, Nishita has attended classes and workshops with a number of acclaimed watercolor artists, including Herman Pekel, Catherine Gill, Keiko Tanabe, and Sarah Yeoman. She is a signature member of Baltimore Watercolor Society and Philadelphia Water Color Society. She is also an associate member of several leading art societies in the country. 

Sleepy Harbour
Nishita Jain

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